Aces join Nova star Jason Fraser at Merion Elementary

Back to News List | Posted on May 25th, 2006

By Ryan Brooks,

Earlier this month, a few Aces players took a visit to Merion Elementary School to hear a special guest speaker, none other than Villanova basketball star Jason Frazier. Jason was at Merion to share his experiences with students, and discussed what is important in life and necessary steps to accomplish one's goals. It was not only a motivational speech for the children but for the Aces team members that were there as well.

After Jason's talk, Lower Merion's own Ryan Brooks talked to the group about how his and the Aces' experience might compare to Jason's. At the conclusion of the event, Brooks, Garrett Williamson, Arian Thompson and football star Malik Curry joined Jason in the gym to show students exactly what they do on the court. They gave the kids a special demonstration of basketball drills that players work on in practice. The players then took part in an autograph session for the many students in the gym.