Whatever it takes, An Aces Nation Challenge

Back to News List | Posted on Mar 25th, 2006

Thanks to everyone who participated in "Whatever it Takes: An Aces Nation Challenge." The winner of the contest is LMHS senior Ryan McKenna, whose response appears below. To view a selection of other responses, visit the link below. Ryan receives a free copy of "Believe" and a team- autographed Aces Nation t-shirt.

Once upon a time at Lower Merion High School, an era of greatness rained down from all walks of athletic activity. Student athletes at the school were thought of as unstoppable forces of nature that against all odds could rise up and over come even the toughest of opponents simply because they were "Lower Merion Athlete's". When basketball teams in the 40's would speak the two most feared words in P.A. sports - Lower Merion, they would immediately begin doubting their chances of victory against such a formidable foe. However times changed, and Lower Merion basketball began to struggle, thus losing there dominant reputation that once made the school so feared. Aside from a small streak in the 1970's, the team wasn't thought of as an above average program until Gregg Downer took over as head coach in the early 90's. Since leading a team piloted by Kobe Bryant to states and victory in 1996, the Aces have returned to the finals once, falling just short of taking down their second state title in ten years.

A win Saturday at Hershey wouldn't only reestablish Lower Merion basketball as one of the most feared programs in the state, but it would reestablish the same sense of doubt that teams once had during the 40's while facing ANY Lower Merion sports team. So when asked what I personally would do for a state title, I might reply with something like this - it's not what I would do personally, it's what the current, future and graduating students of the school would do. Rising up and beating an opponent that is seemingly bigger, faster, and stronger, will show the rest of Pennsylvania that Lower Merion athletes always believe and never quit. They fight to the end regardless of the outcome, never doubting their chances even against the toughest of challengers. I think the question isn't what I would do for a state title....rather what a state title would do for my high school. It's time to show everyone that Lower Merion is back and we should...always...always...be feared. Let's do this Aces....

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