Reflections on last night's game...

Back to News List | Posted on Dec 28th, 2006

It was a typical Lower Merion vs. Chester battle coming down to a last second shot to win the game. (Who would have thought I would have taken it? And who would have thought I would have made it?? I would like to thank Mr. Johnson for his pass even though he thought I was Steve Meehan.

The morning after it's funny to see who says stuff to you about the game. Of course, I wake up and my parents are like ‘great job’ and then my brother gives me a few love punches and laughs at me for being a lucky kid. Then there’s the members of Aces Nation who have supported me since my soph year on varsity who I know have my back at all times. Lastly, there are the people who i do not know but somehow I affected there lives in some amazing way last night.

Last night’s shot was all luck.

Sincerely, # 3