Stars in the making...

Back to News List | Posted on Jan 3rd, 2007

The year was 1987. The team was Syracuse. The season record: 10-0 and champions of the esteemed Penn Valley Junior Sports Association junior league. (And they did it without Derrick Coleman or Sherman Douglas.) Starring for the team were two future legends of Lower Merion basketball. One was a lock-up defender who had a penchant for nailing clutch shots. The other handled the ball like Pistol Pete and keyed a playoff victory at the Palestra while playing with a broken hand. Nearly twenty years later, they are both assistant coaches for Lower Merion...The boys in orange were none other than Guy Stewart (standing, 2nd from right) and Evan Monsky (kneeling, far left).

Thanks to Coach Stewart for sharing this old school flashback. salutes you in all of your short shorts glory. (It should also be noted that nearly 20 years later, the Penn Valley league is also still going strong and is the #1 participatory youth league in the entire Philadelphia region. And the shorts are a lot longer nowadays…)